That’s the clarion call of many copycat offenders in US schools as the harbinger of an impending school attack.

Here in Australia, the increasing number of homegrown violent incidents at our schools is a real concern for not only parents and teachers but also their students. 

School violence is out of control – ranging from bullying and harassment, to the more extreme shootings, knife attacks and other acts of aggression. 

There was a shooting and a knife attack at at least two WA schools in 2023!

That’s why it’s imperative everyone is made aware of the threats, as they happen, and that systems are in place to ensure a fast and effective response.

That’s where Wihkum can help.

The Wihkum App gives teachers the ability to instantly call for help whenever safety is threatened.

At the touch of a button, teachers can summon assistance, call a lockdown, an evacuation and can even use the Wihkum App to alert others about a student who has run away or even strangers entering school grounds.

Wihkum gives teachers the power to instantly coordinate defensive strategies that can save time and even lives.

It also gives parents, teachers and students peace of mind to know that proven, proactive protocols will keep school safe.

Wihkum also gives teachers the facility to quickly call emergency services and notify any number of qualified first responders.

Don’t let things get messy… get Wihkum!